Tanysha Dissanayake, 21, retires from tennis because of ongoing effects of virus


Tanysha Dissanayake, 21, retires from tennis because of ongoing effects of virus

Great Britain's Tanysha Dissanayake has announced retirement from professional tennis following a battle with long COVID-19. Dissanayake, who contracted COVID-19 in July 2021, has been dealing with the ongoing effects of COVID-19 ever since.

"One sport, 16 years, 21 countries, countless memories. That’s a wrap on the best 16 years of my life. The sport that has made me into the person that I am today. It’s been a crazy journey and I’d do it all again if I could but after over a year of being unwell, it is time to move on.

This was the hardest decision I’ve had to make and even harder to accept. I don’t know a life without tennis in it but this sport has taught me so much and I know that great things are in store. I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout!

I have made the best memories with the best people and i wouldn’t change it for the world! Tennis- I love you but that’s goodbye from me," Dissanayake announced in an Instagram post.

Dissanayake said she was 'just existing, not living'

In May, Dissanayake sent out an Instagram post that left many saddened.

In her Instagram post from May, Dissanayake opened up about not being able to live a normal life anymore. "300 days of being housebound. 300 days of choosing between walking and talking. 300 days of being unable to read. 300 days of not playing the sport I love.

300 days of social isolation. 300 days of not living, just existing. 300 days of my life lost," Dissanayake said in her post from May. Dissanayake last played at a Futures event in Heraklion, in June 2021. During her short career, Dissanayake never managed to break into the top-1000, nor in singles or doubles.

However, it should be noted that Dissanayake was just 19 when she played her last match. It's extremely unfortunate that Dissanayake's career basically ended at just 19 years old.