Leylah Fernandez reveals her 'Cinderella moment'


Leylah Fernandez reveals her 'Cinderella moment'
Leylah Fernandez reveals her 'Cinderella moment'

Leylah Fernandez, 20, reveals being invited to the 2021 Met Gala was definitely a Cinderella moment for her. A year ago - just days after turning her 19th birthday - Fernandez made her maiden Grand Slam final at the US Open.

Following her great US Open run, Fernandez was invited to the Met Gala. The whole Met Gala experience was something that Fernandez will never forget. "That was a few days later. It was definitely a Cinderella moment because when I got the news that I was going to the Met Gala I was so excited.

Just picking up the dress, picking up the shoes, the outfit, the jewelry was something that I never imagined myself doing, I have always been on a tennis court or wearing a sportswear," Fernandez said in a video for the WTA Tour.

Fernandez: That little girl made one of her dreams come true

Every kid pursuing a pro tennis career is dreaming of making Grand Slam finals and winning titles at one of the four biggest tournaments in the world.

Fernandez, who is considered among one of the most promising and talented players in the world, fell just short of winning the 2021 US Open title but she made that little girl inside her very happy and proud. "That was a special moment.

It was something that every little girl dreamed of. I dreamed of it. That little girl from back then, like, told to keep going, just like telling that little girl, like, everything is okay, you see you achieving your dreams, just keep going a little bit more, one day you will be there," Fernandez said, when reflecting on her 2021 US Open run.

In the 2021 US Open final, Fernandez was beaten in straight sets by Emma Raducanu. After the US Open final, Raducanu was also invited to the Met Gala. This year, Fernandez didn't make a deep US Open run as she was beaten by Liudmila Samsonova in the second round.

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