Ajla Tomljanovic reveals change she would like to see in tennis

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Ajla Tomljanovic reveals change she would like to see in tennis

Ajla Tomljanovic feels tennis has become "strict" and suggests players fear of being fined every time they show more emotions than they should. "I wish there were more emotions, more space to express yourself. Tennis has become strict.

I understand it's a gentleman's sport, that's great. But it would be nice if we could show more emotion without getting a fine right away," Tomljanovic told Tennis MAGAZIN. In recent times, several players have spoken about this topic.

Like Tomljanovic, some feel that players can't fully express themselves because they know that they will likely be slapped with a fine if they do so. Tennis is not a sport that really tolerates any kind of conduct or misbehavior on the court, but some feel that is forcing players to be "robots" on the court.

Tomljanovic on living in Australia

In late 2014, Tomljanovic changed her nationality and she has been representing Australia ever since. Tomljanovic, who was born in Zagreb, feels there are similarities between the Croatian and Australian people.

That's why Tomljanovic didn't really have problems adjusting to the life in Australia. "From Croatia I have what I was born with. My parents are Croatian. We have joie de vivre, fighting spirit in us and love to fool around.

It's kind of like the Australians. They understand fun and know how to joke with others. Australians are always outside, in a good mood. They love to party and have fun. They are sociable, friendly and open. The food is fantastic. I love to have breakfast and drink coffee.

The Australian lifestyle suits me," Tomljanovic explained. Meanwhile, Tomljanovic is competing at this week's WTA event in Guadalajara. In the Guadalajara first round, Tomljanovic defeated Fernanda Contreras Gomez 6-2 6-1.

Tomljanovic got off to a great start to the match, breaking Contreras Gomez twice to easily win the first set. Then, Tomljanovic also broke Contreras Gomez twice in the second set to complete a very routine straight-set win.