Grand Slam legend comes to Simona Halep's defence after doping suspension

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Grand Slam legend comes to Simona Halep's defence after doping suspension

Former six-time Grand Slam doubles champion Rennae Stubbs says reading Darren Cahill's comments on Simona Halep is making it more apparent to her that the Romanian didn't knowingly or purposely take a prohibited substance.

On Friday, the ITIA shocked the tennis community when it announced that Halep was being suspended after testing positive for the anti-anaemia drug Roxadustat. "Thinking more about this situation, I just can’t believe @Simona_Halep would KNOWINGLY take a PED.

I know I don’t know all of the circumstances but she’s just not that person. Reading @darren_cahill comments today makes it even more apparent to me. I hope it gets cleared up," Stubbs wrote on Twitter.

Stubbs feels Halep didn't knowingly or purposely take a prohibited substance

Over the weekend, Australian tennis coach Cahill explained why it was just not possible that Halep knowingly or purposely took a prohibited substance.

"Firstly, and most importantly, there is NO chance Simona knowingly or purposely took any substance on the banned list. None. Zero. She is an athlete that stressed about anything prescribed to her by a medical professional (which was rarely), or about any supplement that she used or considered.

Simona wore out the words “please double check this, triple check this to make sure it’s legal, safe and permitted. If you are not sure, I’m not taking it," Cahill wrote on Instagram. Cahill, who worked with Halep for six years and guided the Romanian to two Grand Slam titles and the world No 1 ranking, also added that the two-time Grand Slam champion's "integrity is faultless." "Simona’s integrity is faultless, she respects her peers, she loves the game and she always has her feet firmly planted on the ground as a humble, approachable champion," Cahill insisted.

After the ITIA made its announcement, Halep released a statement. In her statement, Halep vowed to do everything she can to bring the truth to light.