Father beats his daughter and does not repent: what happens now

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Father beats his daughter and does not repent: what happens now

A social issue that should transmit messages of peace and freedom to children, but which often clashes with the aspirations and desires of parents and improvised managers. The incident in question took place in a Belgrade sports center, the protagonists of the story are of Chinese origin, and was made public by Igor Juric, a technician who has always been involved in the fight against child abuse.

The images of the brutal aggression perpetrated by an irresponsible father against his daughter during a tennis training, have reignited the debate on the ability of sport to spread the values ​​of respect and solidarity.

Juric posted the video on his Twitter account denouncing the incident. In the video it is possible to identify a man who hits a girl with violent kicks and slaps. The individual, who turned out to be the father of the very young athlete, subsequently grabbed her daughter by her hair before throwing her to the ground to kick her.

The father who beat up his daughter believes he did the right thing

The Serbian law enforcement agencies intervened promptly and arrested the subject, who was summoned to the Belgrade Attorney General to express his version of the facts.

From what was told by important Serbian newspapers, the man, identified with the initials WL, would have justified her behavior by bringing up the Chinese culture and the behavior of her daughter, accused of not wanting to train properly.

In the local press, it is possible to read: "The father justified her actions by saying that her daughter refused to continue training on the loading day and that is why he wanted to bring her back to the court. All this underlining that it was not her intention to harm her and that, traditionally, the hierarchies in China must be respected.

He believes he did the right thing because it is allowed in China." The man therefore showed no signs of remorse or torment and now faces a prison sentence of two to ten years. The prosecutor will have to confirm the serious allegations of domestic violence.