Cori Gauff reflects on her year, rough WTA Finals debut

Gauff didn't enjoy an impressive WTA Finals debut.

by Dzevad Mesic
Cori Gauff reflects on her year, rough WTA Finals debut

Cori Gauff is hoping to benefit from the Billie Jean King Cup team atmosphere and bounce back from a rought WTA Finals showing. Gauff, 18, made her WTA Finals debut in Fort Worth, Texas, last week. In Fort Worth, Gauff went 0-6 - lost each of her three singles matches and also went 0-3 with Jessica Pegula in the doubles event.

Shortly after concluding her WTA Finals campaign, Gauff packed her bags and joined the American team for the Billie Jean King Cup Finals in Glasgow. “It’s definitely a trip, but finishing the year off on this note will be great for me.

Texas didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. That motivated me even more to come here. It’s very rare tennis experiences a team atmosphere. I played other team sports like basketball. That’s the one thing I did miss from playing (basketball).

The Billie Jean Cup is what brings you closest to that," Gauff told The Palm Beach Post.

Gauff happy with her season

Even though Gauff's WTA Finals debut was a disaster, it didn't change the fact that this year was great overall for her.

This year, Gauff made her first Grand Slam final and also broke into the top-10 for the first time in her career. “Obviously it was a great year. I have a lot of high expectations for myself. Overall, I think it’s the best year of my career so far.

It’s the most I’ve played tournament-wise. I hope next year is even better.," Gauff assessed. Reflecting on the WTA Finals, Gauff admitted that the unique format of the event was a bit mentally challenging for her.

“It’s a tough event, For me, it was an adjustment, having to come back after a loss. Usually you have a couple of days to reset. I was playing every night because of doubles. It was mentally challenging.," Gauff explained.

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