WTA Finals 2023 could leave US for China

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WTA Finals 2023 could  leave US for China
WTA Finals 2023 could leave US for China

WTA Finals will change venue again in the next edition. Now, it remains to be seen which decision the highest body in women's tennis will make, since we must remember that before the pandemic it had China as its greatest economic ally, so we will have to see if in the coming months the WTA will get closer to the Asian country.

At least it is what which Steve Simon did not rule out: "We hope that's where we will be in 2023, but obviously we have some problems to solve."

Iga Swiatek's controversy about the WTA Finals

The choice of Fort Worth as the venue for the Women's Cup was not the WTA's biggest success.

The tournament had a much lower prize pool than previous editions and the shortage of spectators jumped in everyone's eyes. Iga Swiatek, wanted to tell her opinion about the issue, not sparing controversy to the Forth Worth organization: "I didn't experience the WTA Finals at my best, you know, in terms of organization and in a hurry.

So I'd like the WTA to block a location and do as ATP did. I understand why it happened and from a commercial point of view it is probably difficult to do this type of event. But I think if the ATP can do it, we can too. There is always talk of cash prizes during these events and it is rather sad that the WTA has been hit so hard by the pandemic.

But on the other hand, you have a perfect example in the ATP, which was able to keep everything the same and even increase the prize pool, so let's hope next time we'll be better prepared. I know the coronavirus has made it more difficult, but the truth is that most of the tournaments have been able to keep the prizes and also give more, so I hope this will change next year." In the next weeks or at least for the end of the year, WTA should give an answer about the next location of the WTA Finals 2023.

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