Maria Sharapova reveals nickname she has for her little baby boy

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Maria Sharapova reveals nickname she has for her little baby boy

Former five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova has revealed the nickname she has for her little baby boy. In July, Sharapova announced that she and her fiance Alexander Gilkes welcomed a baby boy named Theodore. Now, Sharapova reveals she calls her baby son "Theo," or "T-Rex." “I call him Theo, or T Rex.

There are so many little names I call him. It’s very sweet and it’s the best. It’s really the best. Everyone tells you that, but until you really experience it and you are sleepless, you haven't got this," Sharapova told NewBeauty.

Sharapova finds satisfaction in her new role

After a very successful tennis career, Sharapova is happy about her new role of being a mother. In the same interview with NewBeauty, Sharapova admitted every day she learns something new about being a mom.

"That’s hard! I think it depends on where you are in life; I can’t compare them. I was really ready for motherhood. It was something that I dreamed of forever. I have a really good relationship with my own mom—we’re really close and share a lot—and I’m an only child, so I felt like I was ready to have a child of my own and pass along my own experiences.

I’m really excited to watch this little boy grow up, although that is still incredibly hard because I’m still mostly trying to figure things out! Every day is a new day and every time you think you have something down, you realize you don’t.

There’s always something new to learn and about them and about yourself. That’s incredibly beautiful, but it’s also challenging," Sharapova explained. Since retiring from tennis in 2020, Sharapova has been focused on business and family.

Sharapova, who went public about her relationship with Gilkes in 2018, became a mother for the first time this summer and she is thrilled about her new role.

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