Iga Swiatek addresses possibility of having women's Laver Cup

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Iga Swiatek addresses possibility of having women's Laver Cup

World No 1 Iga Swiatek has indicated that she likes the idea of having a women's Laver Cup but also suggested that the WTA has more important things to focus on right now. The Laver Cup is a team event that has been held since 2017 and it is also a part of the ATP calendar.

The men's Laver Cup has been a success so far and Swiatek seems to be very intrigued about the idea of having a similar event on the WTA Tour. "The idea is great. Generally, the more such events, the greater benefit for us.

Because we can really diversify our sport and show it from a slightly different perspective. But I think that maybe, I don't know... I think the WTA just has other things to focus on for now (smile). But I would love to see events like this in the future," Swiatek told Dominik Senkowski.

Swiatek told the WTA a change she wants to see

The 2021 WTA Finals took place in Guadalajara, while this year's edition of the season-ending tournament took place in Fort Worth, Texas.

Following Swiatek's semifinal exit at the WTA Finals, she told the WTA it's time for them to find a long-term location for the WTA Finals. “I've never experienced WTA Finals, like in its prime, you know, in terms of the organisation and WTA, like not hurrying with everything, if you know what I mean.

So I would love for WTA to kind of settle for next year's on one place and actually make it so big as it was or maybe as ATP has. But on the other hand, I'm kind of understanding why it happened and from business side is probably hard to make this kind of event.

But I just think if ATP can do it, we can do it," Swiatek said after the WTA Finals. Following a very long and successful 2022 season, Swiatek is having a well-deserved rest.