Iga Swiatek reacts to se*ual abuse accusations made against Polish tennis chief

An ex-Polish tennis junior alleges that the current PTA president abused her when she was 13.

by Dzevad Mesic
Iga Swiatek reacts to se*ual abuse accusations made against Polish tennis chief

Polish tennis superstar Iga Swiatek insists victims of abuse need to be approached with sensitivity as she has described the accusations made against the Polish Tennis Federation as a "serious matter." Katarzyna Kotula, who currently serves as Polish MP, has accused PTA President Miroslaw Skrzypczynski of se*ually abusing her when she was 13 and a junior tennis player.

In her statement to Onet, Kotula described Skrzypczynski as "a se*ual predator." “Behind closed doors, he touched my intimate places, my breasts, buttocks. Miroslaw Skrzypczynski se*ually assaulted me at least a dozen times over three years.

I was a kid, 13-years-old. He was a se*ual predator," Kotula told Onet.

Swiatek on the allegations made against the PTA president

Swiatek, who is now one of the most popular Polish athletes, is also the face of women's tennis.

Swiatek, a three-time Grand Slam champion, wants to use her position and platform to help people like victims of abuse to know that there is someone who wants to hear their story. “I feel that as a current leader of women’s tennis I can’t be silent about particular matters.

I remember that I appreciate having the freedom to decide whether I want to speak up about something or not. When it comes to physical violence or emotional abuse the most important issue is thinking and being sensitive about the victims.

And when we speak up about something happening we need to think about them first and most of all. I am trying to do this the best way I can. I’m against violence in sports, in tennis, in every discipline and in everyday life.

That’s why I consider the articles about the president of the Polish Tennis Association as a serious matter. Governing bodies should determine what happened and I hope they will take care of this case. This is not my role to do the work of governing bodies and journalists as the matter is too serious and it’s about people’s life and health.

What I feel I can do is to encourage you to look for help when something bad happens in sports communities and in every situation in life. This can be my role and this is how I can use my influence here – being a voice who tries to educate and remind that the most significant thing is to look for help when you need it," Swiatek wrote in a message posted on her Twitter.

Iga Swiatek