Emma Raducanu reveals what pushes her to work hard, favorite post-training snack


Emma Raducanu reveals what pushes her to work hard, favorite post-training snack

Emma Raducanu revealed she usually has two boiled egg whites after training sessions and added the satisfactory feeling she gets post-training is what is pushing her to keep working hard. “My favorite snack after training, is a bit out there, maybe two boiled egg whites,” Raducanu answered through HSBC.

After Raducanu's 2022 season ended, she hired Andy Murray's former strength and conditioning coach Jez Green. This offseason, Raducanu has been working extremely hard in the gym as she is determined to get stronger and avoid many injuries and physical setbacks in 2023.

“What motivates me to keep training is the satisfaction feeling I get after training and at the end of the day. I feel really proud for pushing myself, even if I might not have felt like it,” Raducanu explained.

Raducanu set for her second full year on the WTA Tour

In 2022, Raducanu had just her first full season on the WTA Tour. Going into 2023, Raducanu has a bit more experience and she will be hoping to make some strong results next year.

“I’m really looking forward to another full year on tour. I just had my first one, and taking the lessons I’ve learnt this year and applying them on to the next one,” Raducanu added. Meanwhile, Raducanu will start her 2023 season in Auckland.

“I’m really looking forward to coming to New Zealand. I’ve heard so many good things about the tournament. It is a great way to start off the Australian Open swing. I have heard that the tournament in New Zealand is great for players and fans.

New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscape and nature, so I hope I can get to explore some of the other beautiful parts whilst in my time there," Raducanu said. Raducanu didn't win any titles this year and she would certainly absolutely love to start her 2023 season with a winning run in Auckland.

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