Bianca Andreescu opens up on how she improved her mental health

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Bianca Andreescu opens up on how she improved her mental health

Bianca Andreescu, 22, reveals that learning to love herself more has been the key to improving her mental health. In 2021 December, Andreescu announced she was out of the Australian Open and taking an indefinite break to address her mental health.

After taking some time to improve her mental health, Andreescu revealed to tennis in April. Andreescu didn't take any breaks in the rest of the season and now she is set to return to the Australian Open. “That's been the biggest thing for me this past year, is trying to love myself as best as I can.

Honestly it's really helped me get to this point right now, just having that love for myself off the court. Because before, it was more result-oriented, and when I'd lose it would be like the end of the world. But now I'm so in tune with myself," Andreescu told the Australian Open website.

Andreescu on the steps she has taken to improve her mental health

In recent months, Andreescu has been working extremely hard on personal development and that includes reading books, meditation, etc. "Tennis is definitely up there.

But outside of tennis, it's just personal development, and meditation, mindfulness, like spirituality, basically. I read a lot of books, I listen to a lot of podcasts, I do a lot of inner work. I really believe that's the key to really finding true happiness and joy and contentment in life.

I'm very interested in how the mind works as well, so I'll dig deep into, like, the psychology behind it, and it really helps me on the court as well," Andreescu said. Meanwhile, Andreescu will be looking to make her first deep Australian Open run in January.

In 2019 and 2021, Andreescu picked up second round defeats at the Australian Open. It remains to be seen if Andreescu's third Australian Open main draw appearance will be more successful.