Emma Raducanu confesses her 'main indulgence' after a tournament

Raducanu eats very healthy during tournaments.

by Dzevad Mesic
Emma Raducanu confesses her 'main indulgence' after a tournament

British tennis star Emma Raducanu admits she absolutely loves to treat herself with chocolate after tournaments. Raducanu, who turned 20 last month, also revealed she eats steak after tournaments as she noted that helps her repair her muscles.

"After a tournament, my main indulgence is chocolate — it’s probably my biggest weakness. I’d say I eat pretty healthily, but when it comes to chocolate, I really need to rein myself in. And also steak, which I don’t eat very often and went two years without having it, but more recently I find it’s a good way to repair the muscles post-tournament.

After a match, I keep it pretty clean seeing as I have to go again the next day," Raducanu told National Geographic.

Raducanu on her love for food

Raducanu was born in Toronto but she grew up in Great Britain. Raducanu's father is from Bucharest, while her mother is from Shenyang.

Growing up, Raducanu absolutely loved traditional Romanian meals her grandmother would make. "My Romanian grandma would come over to England and her home-cooked meals were always amazing. She’d make sarmale, a traditional Romanian dish of rice and meat wrapped in sauerkraut cabbage and boiled in a pot with tomato sauce for a couple of hours.

It’s really good; you’d have it with polenta — they love polenta in Romania. She’d also make ciorba, a brothy soup. She’d stand in the kitchen from 8am until 4pm and make these dishes, and that’s all she’d do every single day.

I have a lot of fond memories of growing up with her," Raducanu revealed. Meanwhile, Raducanu is preparing to play at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi. Last year, a positive COVID-19 test forced Raducanu to skip the Mubadala Tennis Championship.

However, Raducanu is planning to play at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship this year as she is scheduled to play Ons Jabeur in the lone women's match at this year's tournament.

Emma Raducanu