Iga Swiatek opens up on coach that helped her become such a dominant force

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Iga Swiatek opens up on coach that helped her become such a dominant force

Three-time Grand Slam champion Iga Swiatek says coach Tomasz Wiktorowski perfectly understands his player and is also someone who is great at analyzing the game. After the 2021 season ended, Swiatek made the decision to end her five-year partnership with coach Piotr Sierzputowski.

Then, Swiatek added Wiktorowski to her coaching staff. Hiring Wiktorowski proved to be the best possible decision for Swiatek as this year the Pole won two Grand Slams and reached the world No 1 position for the first time in her career.

Also, there was a period this year during which Swiatek won 37 consecutive matches.

Swiatek on working with Wiktorowski

“He is a good coach who is aware of the challenges we have sometimes and that a lot of things that happen off the court affect the way a person plays.

I like him for the way he looks at the sport more broadly, but also for purely tennis things. He has a good eye and can tell me things in a way that I really feel the effects. He sees a lot of things tactically, he is good at analysing the game.

There are a lot of things through which I also develop and achieve such success. I am very happy that our paths have crossed and that we now have the chance to work together. After a whole year of cooperation, I see these things clearly and I am very happy," Swiatek told Asics.

In last week's interview with Polish sports journalist Dominik Senkowski, Wiktorowski said he expected Swiatek to do major things. “I expected Iga to reach such results. I didn’t know if it would be with me or [her] next coach.

A year ago I hardly knew Iga personally. It’s weird that we passed each other but that’s how it turned," Wiktorowski said of working with Swiatek. It remains to be seen if Swiatek can have another very successful season in 2023.