Jessica Pegula: Overwhelming response to my story, your support means so much


Jessica Pegula: Overwhelming response to my story, your support means so much

Jessica Pegula is grateful for "an overwhelming response" to her story as she appreciates all the messages of support sent to her and her mother Kim. In an essay for The Players' Tribune, Pegula revealed her mother suffered a cardiac arrest last July.

Fortunately, Pegula's sister Kelly was there and she administered a life-saving CPR. Although Kim Pegula is making progress in her recovery, she is still dealing with significant expressive aphasia and significant memory issues.

The past six months have been extremely challenging for the Pegula family as the American tennis star fears her mother will never be the person she was before the cardiac arrest. "Overwhelming response to my story. I appreciate everyone who has reached out, means so much," Pegula wrote on her Instagram Story.

Pegula told her story in an essay for The Players' Tribune

"In June 2022, I had just flown back to Florida from the French Open.

I made the quarterfinals in singles and the finals in doubles. It was an amazing two weeks full of a lot of positives, including cracking the Top 10 in the world. A few days after I got home, I got a call around midnight (on my mom’s birthday) from my sister Kelly who was staying at my parents’ house.

Something was wrong with our mom, and she was headed to the hospital in an ambulance. My mom was asleep when my dad woke up to her going into cardiac arrest and she was unresponsive for quite a while. My sister gave her CPR until the ambulance arrived.

She saved her life. Even though she doesn’t like to take credit for this terrible situation, she absolutely saved her life, followed by the critical job performed by the paramedics who arrived and were able to restore a heartbeat," Pegula wrote in her piece for The Players' Tribune.

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