Iga Swiatek wary of Elena Rybakina threat in Indian Wells: Felt that on my racket

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Iga Swiatek wary of Elena Rybakina threat in Indian Wells: Felt that on my racket

Iga Swiatek has underlined that Elena Rybakina is definitely a player capable of "playing great tennis." Earlier this year, Rybakina upset Swiatek 6-4 6-4 in the Australian Open round-of-16. Now, Swiatek and Rybakina are set to meet in the Indian Wells semifinal.

"Elena, I know she can play great tennis, I felt that on my racquet. I don't need any proof. I'll just be ready for tomorrow, and that's all," Swiatek said.

What has changed since the last Swiatek-Rybakina match?

Following the loss to Rybakina at the Australian Open, Swiatek took some time to reflect and analyze what went wrong in Australia.

"Well, after Australian Open, honestly I did a lot of work to not feel like I’m playing not to lose. So right now I don’t feel that way," Swiatek said in Indian Wells. Now, Swiatek is accepting that not everything will always go right on the court.

"Well, just kind of reminding yourself, getting rid of the pressure a little bit, reminding yourself that you’re there to run, to play those longer rallies, and not to expect that you’re going to make every shot perfect because you’re doing it in practices.

Yeah, I just change my mindset, and I was really like digging into everything tennis-wise, so it kept my mind busy from all the fuss that is around to the rankings and everything," Swiatek explained. Swiatek is putting less pressure on herself now but she is trying to do everything as good as possible.

"Well, my expectation is to just kind of do everything 100%, and kind of like focus on the process and not on the results. Also, you know, trust a little bit myself more with my tennis. And also remember that I don’t get like 100% influenced on what’s gonna happen during the match, so sometimes it’s easier when you feel like not everything is on your shoulders. Yeah, that’s mostly it," Swiatek said.

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