Sloane Stephens: "We tennis players are very lonely"


Sloane Stephens: "We tennis players are very lonely"
Sloane Stephens: "We tennis players are very lonely"

There are many tennis players who, in addition to their careers, dedicate time to the mental health issue, and among them there is also Sloane Stephens. The American player, eliminated in the second round of the Internazionali BNL d'Italia by Viktoria Azarenka, explained in a recent interview how difficult it is to practice a discipline like tennis, which, according to her, gives those who play it a feeling of profound loneliness.

The life of a professional sportsman, and not only that, is conditioned by many factors. Among these, mental health is becoming increasingly important, which evidently goes hand in hand with physical health. Sloane explained: "We tennis players are very lonely.

It's a very difficult and lonely sport and I think if we take the human aspect of like, oh, they're just competing, I'm just sad, there are so many elements to being a tennis player and being a professional athlete. I think people don't sit down and take the time to think about their mental health.

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Sloane Stephens, the Carnival outfit is super sensual!

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and in recent years it has experienced tremendous growth, both on the men's and women's circuits. Here, perhaps, enthusiasts are still unable to appreciate the level of this movement, which is increasingly in vogue.

What they undoubtedly appreciate is the social panorama offered by some of the best tennis players on the WTA circuit. One of these is the thirty-year-old American champion Sloane Stephens, one of her most loved players, both for her talent and for her attractiveness.

The latest shots of the woman are depopulating on social media. In the last few hours, Sloane has posted incredible shots, very sensual, which see her wearing clothes recalling the Carnival. Stephens, winner of the US Open back in 2017, leaves very little to the imagination: the shots speak for themselves and many have appreciated.

Sloane Stephens