Iga Swiatek shares update after sustaining concerning injury ahead of French Open

Swiatek sustained a thigh injury during her Rome match against Rybakina.

by Dzevad Mesic
Iga Swiatek shares update after sustaining concerning injury ahead of French Open

Iga Swiatek is in the process of determining the severity of her thigh injury. On Wednesday night, Swiatek suffered a thigh injury during her Rome quarterfinal match against Elena Rybakina. After suffering a right thigh injury in the second-set tie-break, Swiatek left the court for an off-court medical time-out before returning with a strapped thigh.

When Swiatek returned to the court, she played four more games before retiring injured against Rybakina. With the French Open just around the corner, suffering an injury was the last thing Swiatek wanted to happen. "Hi Guys.

I'm sure you're thinking about what happened last night. We're checking it. During the second set I got a thigh injury. The diagnostic is in progress. More info in the following days. Will keep you updated," Swiatek tweeted on Thursday morning.

Swiatek lost the tie-break after sustaining a thigh injury

During the second-set tie-break, Swiatek seemingly made a bad move and hurt her thigh.

Rybakina then ended up winning the tie-break with a 7-3 score and they were tied to two games apiece after the opening four games of the third set. Even though Swiatek was able to serve out her opening two service games in the third game, it was evident that she was hampered by a thigh injury.

Swiatek seemingly didn't want to risk further aggravating her injury and that was it. "I saw something happen in the tiebreak, on almost the last point but I didn't know how serious it is. I saw that the first two games she started really aggressive so I understood that she couldn't really move that much.

but she was still making good returns and I knew that I had to be focused. I know myself that if anything is hurting you're trying to go for it and a lot of times it works. So she probably did the same, but after, I guess it was too much," Rybakina said of Swiatek's injury.

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