Laura Robson disagrees with Boris Becker take on severity of Emma Raducanu surgeries

Robson thinks Raducanu can definitely make a successful comeback to tennis.

by Dzevad Mesic
Laura Robson disagrees with Boris Becker take on severity of Emma Raducanu surgeries

Laure Robson doesn't agree with Boris Becker's take on the severity of Emma Raducanu's multiple surgeries. Raducanu, 20, underwent surgeries on both hands and her left ankle this month. For quite some time, Raducanu was plagued by a wrist injury before deciding to surgically address the issue.

“The surgeries that [Raducanu] has had are, in my opinion, career-threatening. Having surgery on your playing wrist, and as a two-handed player, the other wrist – and then on your ankle – is tough to bear for a young woman," Becker told The Guardian.

Robson doesn't agree with Becker's take on Raducanu's surgeries

Robson, who is now 29 years old, was also once one of Great Britain's most talented players as she won the 2008 Wimbledon girls' singles title - won the bronze medal with Andy Murray in the 2012 London Olympics mixed doubles event - reached a career-high ranking of No 27 in 2013.

Then, Robson was struck with wrist and hip injuries - the Briton had wrist surgery in 2014. But Robson underlines "not every injury is the same" and noted Raducanu was dealing with a different type of wrist injury. Also, Robson highlighted there are several cases of a player making a successful comeback from wrist surgery.

“There's been quite a lot of talk about how the wrist is, like, the end of the world! But I was thinking to myself, ‘I know just as many people who had successful operations.’ Take [former US Open runner-up] Madison Keys: maybe two years ago she had a wrist operation with the same surgeon that I had in the States and it was totally successful.

She wasn't even out for very long. Plus, every injury is different. I had almost a super-flexible joint. It was getting too much wear and tear because it was just moving too much. So by the time I even started feeling pain, it was already quite far down the line in terms of damage.

Emma’s issue is with bumps on the bone; it’s actually more the top of the hand than the wrist joint really," Robson told The Telegraph.

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