'Dangerous' Jelena Ostapenko warns she is coming for second Grand Slam title

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'Dangerous' Jelena Ostapenko warns she is coming for second Grand Slam title
'Dangerous' Jelena Ostapenko warns she is coming for second Grand Slam title

Jelena Ostapenko 25, is confident she can still be "a dangerous player" as the Latvian is hoping to win her second French Open title this year. In 2017, Ostapenko became a Grand Slam champion when she as a teenager made it all the way at the French Open.

Ostapenko, now ranked at No 17 in the world, kicked off her 2023 French Open campaign with a 6-3 7-5 win over Tereza Martincova. "I mean, it was already six years ago, but of course, it was such an amazing time. My goal is, of course, to win another Grand Slam because, as I said, it was six years ago, so a little while ago, so I want to play again.

I'm working hard, and I feel like I had a good run in Rome. So, yeah, I think I'm on the right path. If I play well, I think I can be a dangerous player, so I hope I stay here as long as I can," Ostapenko said, via Sportskeeda.

Ostapenko sets eyes on landing her second Grand Slam

When Ostapenko landed her first Grand Slam title six years ago, many believed more would follow. But six years later, Ostapenko still has just one Grand Slam title in her collection.

In April, Ostapenko crushed Emma Raducanu 6-2 6-1 in the Stuttgart first round. After the match was over, Ostapenko said she delivered a kind of tennis that she was delivering during the 2017 French Open. "I was kind of fearless.

I was not thinking too much. I felt today a little bit that way. I was just going for the shots. Even if I was missing, I was, like, It's fine, I will still go for the shots. Probably [need] to bring back this fearlessness, but of course it's tougher when you get older.

You start to think more and of course you want to play better and more consistently," Ostapenko said in April. It remains to be seen if Ostapenko can win the French Open again this year.

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