Cori Gauff makes one thing clear amid French Open night session drama

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Cori Gauff makes one thing clear amid French Open night session drama
Cori Gauff makes one thing clear amid French Open night session drama

Cori Gauff suggests WTA players are actually fine with not having their matches scheduled for the night session at the French Open. At this year's French Open, the first six primetime matches were all ATP matches. For Sunday, the French Open organizers scheduled Aryna Sabalenka and Sloane Stephens for the night session.

Last year, the men featured in the majority of the primetime matches. This year, the same is happening and the French Open organizers have again come under fire over their handling of the night session matches.

Gauff: I don't think a lot of players want to play late at night

“I didn’t see that they (Sabalenka and Stephens) were scheduled.

I didn’t realise only the men have been scheduled in that spot. I don’t know if the night session amongst the players is a popular hotspot, to be honest. I guess for the TV and that’s the prime spot, maybe yes, it does suck in that sense.

But amongst the players and from my conversations, I don’t think a lot of people want that spot just because it is a late night. I really don’t have much say on that. I mean, just speaking to the players, I don’t know if Sloane or Aryna wanted to play at that time, but I know the ones I spoke to, no one really wants the night session.

On that sense, we were happy with the men taking it, but obviously it is the prime spot. So it does suck a little bit in that way. It depends on how you think about it, to be honest," Gauff said, per Tennis365. Before Gauff, world No 1 Iga Swiatek also addresses the issue.

When Swiatek was asked, she said there were no complaints on her side since she prefers to be scheduled for the day session. Gauff reiterated Swiatek's words as the American also prefers to play during the day.

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