Bianca Andreescu applauds Ons Jabeur's response to 'WTA tennis is boring' claim

Andreescu stumbled upon Jabeur's comments from January.

by Dzevad Mesic
Bianca Andreescu applauds Ons Jabeur's response to 'WTA tennis is boring' claim

Bianca Andreescu agrees with Ons Jabeur that it is "crazy" that some people refuse to watch women's tennis because they are in advance predicting that it will be "a boring" match. Jabeur, who made two Grand Slam finals last year, spoke with The Guardian earlier year, when she touched on the subject of a gender pay gap in tennis.

At the time, Jabeur explained why women "make more sacrifices" than their male counterparts. “It’s crazy because some people are like: ‘I don’t need to watch women’s tennis. It’s boring.’ But how would you know? Honestly, women make a lot more sacrifices than men.

Unfortunately, if I want to have a baby tomorrow I cannot as I am on tour. This is a huge sacrifice for women," Jabeur told The Guardian in January.

Andreescu agrees with Jabeur's comments

This week, Jabeur's comments from January were posted on Twitter and Andreescu noticed them.

"PREACHHHH," Andreescu reacted. At this past French Open, only one women's match was scheduled for the primetime night session. But when ticket holders learned about a WTA match being scheduled for primetime, they started reselling their tickets.

When Jabeur was asked about that, she was disappointed in the French Open crowd. "It is time to change that vision, because I find that people don't watch many female matches, and they just judge that it's gonna be a bad match.

But it's not the case. There are a lot of extraordinary matches. Women are training, making a lot of efforts, playing extraordinary matches. I met many people who say, Well, the female matches, blah, blah, blah, and I ask them, Did you watch a female match? They said no.

How can you judge a female match without watching it? I hope that is going to change the mentality of giving a chance for these women who fight on a daily basis. Because honestly, we do a lot of efforts. We make a lot of sacrifices that men don't have to do on the tour.

We must schedule everything in our professional life, and it is time to change that, to change that vision," Jabeur said in Paris.

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