Mirra Andreeva's agent refutes rumors about citizenship change

Find out what did the Russian's agent had to say about the rumors.

by Claudiu Pop
Mirra Andreeva's agent refutes rumors about citizenship change

Mirra Andreeva's agent Lev Kassil dispelled the rumor about Mirra Andreeva's possible change of citizenship from Russian to French. "Today’s information about Mirra receiving French citizenship is erroneous. We are preparing a refutation,” Kassil said per 247 News Agency.

Where did the rumor started from

After being confirmed to appear in Netflix's second Break Point season, Craig Shapiro, the host of his own tennis podcast, connected some "dots" and stated a bold opinion.

Curious about Shapiro's chain of thought, tennis social media influencer Bastien Fachan asked Craig Shapiro to detail. Here is Shapiro's response: "connect the dots".

Shapiro's dots are likely related to Mirra's numerous links to France and Varvara Gracheva's recent change to French citizenship.

Gracheva's change is already reflected in the WTA rankings. Andreeva resides in Cannes, France, and is trained by a French coach, Jean-Rene Lisnard. Besides, the 16-year-old player stated on Instagram that she adores Paris. "Paris...

j'adore," Andreeva captioned a picture from this year's Roland Garros.

Yet, according to her agent, Mirra Andreeva is set to continue playing under the Russian flag.

Mirra Andreeva made the headlines recently because of her impressive Wimbledon run. She defeated Paquet, Korpatsch, Wang, Krejcikova, and Potapova before being stopped in 3 sets by Madison Keys in the quarterfinals of the Grand Slam.

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