Newly-retired Anett Kontaveit, 27, to meet Ons Jabeur in farewell match in Tallinn

Kontaveit plans to stage a farewell match in Tallinn later this year.

by Dzevad Mesic
Newly-retired Anett Kontaveit, 27, to meet Ons Jabeur in farewell match in Tallinn

Anett Kontaveit will play a farewell match against Ons Jabeur later this year in Tallinn. Kontaveit, 27, played the final tournament of her career at this past Wimbledon. But Kontaveit - who was forced to prematurely end her career due to a chronic back injury - also wants to play one more time in front of the Estonian crowd.

On November 11, Kontaveit will be meeting three-time Grand Slam finalist Jabeur at the Tondiraba Ice Hall. After announcing the news, Kontaveit revealed that Jabeur instantly accepted her invitation. "I'm just very happy to be able to play for the last time in front of the home crowd and once again to play tennis, which I have played, practiced and loved for so long.

I expect that this event will be a great evening," Kontaveit told ERR.

Kontaveit: I asked Jabeur, her response was great

"She was the very first player I thought of when there was talk of such an event. She was the very first choice and fortunately, she herself also had a positive attitude to it," Kontaveit added.

In June, Kontaveit announced her plans to retire from pro tennis after Wimbledon. A couple of months earlier, Kontaveit was diagnosed with lumbar disc degeneration in her back. Initially, Kontaveit attempted to manage her injury but realized it just wasn't working.

At Wimbledon, Jabeur revealed she attempted to make Kontaveit change her mind and continue her career. When Kontaveit was asked about Jabeur and some other players wanting her to continue her career, the Estonian said it was "sweet" from them but noted continuing her career was almost impossible.

"It's really sweet they're trying. A lot of people tried. These decisions, because I cant play without pain pretty much the whole match, it was something I considered for a long time. It was a difficult decision and once I decide something big, I don't usually start doubting it," Kontaveit said.

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