Cori Gauff reveals what she is changing after shock early loss at Wimbledon


Cori Gauff reveals what she is changing after shock early loss at Wimbledon
Cori Gauff reveals what she is changing after shock early loss at Wimbledon

Cori Gauff says her plan going forward is to add more aggressiveness to her game, particularly focusing on the first two shots on her serve. Gauff, ranked at No 7 in the world, suffered a shock Wimbledon first-round defeat to Sofia Kenin and that was just one of the surprising losses the American has had this year.

Gauff's forehand is seen as a weakness and rivals are heavily forcing the 19-year-old American to play that shot. Recently, Gauff hired former ATP player Pere Riba as her coach. According to The Washington Post, Gauff and her new coach are looking to make her forehand shot a dangerous weapon on the offensive side.

“I should be playing that aggressive style, focusing on my serve plus one. There are times I’ve served 126 miles per hour, and I think for me, you know, I’m not going to hit 126 every time. But I definitely want to increase my first-serve speed average.

It’s not that I can’t get there; it’s that sometimes I need to trust in it. So it’s committing on the serve every single point," Gauff told The Washington Post.

Gauff also targets to improve her mental game

At 19, Gauff has already accomplished some pretty notable things as she is a Grand Slam finalist and has been ranked as high as No 4 in the world.

But Gauff has been around for several years now and she was hoping to become a Grand Slam champion by now. Going forward, Gauff suggests that she doesn't want her definition of success to revolve only around Grand Slams. “Even last year, I made the finals of the French Open, and it felt like I had a bad tournament.

Immediately after, I was like, ‘That tournament was bad.’ Because you get so close to your goal, it just makes it feel even worse when it doesn’t happen. I think it’s just finding the balance — it’s still something that I struggle with, trying not to base all my success on the Grand Slams.

But, you know, when those are your biggest goals, it’s hard not to," Gauff said. This week, Gauff is returning to action for the first time since Wimbledon as she is playing in Washington.

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