Maryna Zanevska announces she is retiring at 29 due to chronic issue

Zanevska set to retire after the US Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Maryna Zanevska announces she is retiring at 29 due to chronic issue

Maryna Zanevska, 29, has announced that she will be retiring from pro tennis after this year's US Open. Zanevska, who was born in Ukraine but has represented Belgium since 2016, turned pro in 2009. In an announcement made on Tuesday, Zanevska revealed that she has been dealing with back pain for the last four years.

Explaining her decision, Zanevska said she has reached the point where she simply can't give what's required to play pro tennis at the highest level. Also, Zanevska didn't close the doors on potentially returning to pro tennis one day.

Zanevska announces she is retiring after the US Open

"It’s time to say goodbye to tennis for now. I have been struggling with back pain for the last 4 years, and I got to the point where I can’t give to tennis what’s required to be competitive on the highest level of this extremely difficult, demanding sport.

I have decided to play Us Open as my final tournament before stepping away from my career. And who knows what’s future holds for me. Will I ever make come back on tour or will have other challenges in life? I don’t know that, but what I know for sure is that I am happy and released with my decision and have so much exciting plans.

I have made a podcast with @jeusetpodcast, where I explained more in details why I took this decision,when, how emotional it was and how my team and family reacted to that. It will be in English and French. Looking forward to making my final dance on the courts of @usopen, where my childhood’s dream was born," Zanevska wrote on Instagram.

In 2021, Zanevska won her first and lone WTA title in Gdynia.

Last year, Zanevska achieved a career-high ranking of No 62 in the world. This season, Zanevska has a 9-14 record and she is ranked at No 114 in the world.

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