Cori Gauff tells what really prompted her to take CPR class after Wimbledon


Cori Gauff tells what really prompted her to take CPR class after Wimbledon
Cori Gauff tells what really prompted her to take CPR class after Wimbledon

Cori Gauff, 19, reveals she signed up for a CPR class after Wimbledon because she needed something to give her some type of fulfillment after a disappointing campaign at The Championships. Two weeks ago in Washington, Gauff revealed that she learned how to administer CPR after exiting Wimbledon in the first round.

On Wednesday, Gauff started her Cincinnati campaign with a 6-2 6-2 win over Mayar Sherif. After the match, the interview told Gauff there was someone who fell ill earlier in the day and he was wondering where she was when that happened.

“It only took 90 minutes after I lost at Wimbledon. I came home and I was like I need something to give me some type of fulfillment because that tournament did nothing for me. So that was it. I recommend everybody do it, you never know when you will need it, it literally took me an hour and a half.

So if I can find bouncing from city to city, I think you guys can too," Gauff said after beating Sherif in her Cincinnati opener.

Gauff was ready to administer CPR in Washington

During Gauff's 6-1 6-2 Washington quarterfinal win over Belinda Bencic, a fan fell ill in the stands.

When Gauff noticed someone struggling in the stands, she asked if the fan needed to be administered CPR. The fan didn't require CPR but Gauff revealed after the match that she was ready in case it was needed. "At first, I was just making sure that it wasn’t something cardiac because I just took a CPR class so I was ready if they needed me to jump any moment!

I have my certification. So, I did ask the ref if it was cardiac but she said it wasn’t cardiac and that’s when I realized the person will probably be okay," Gauff said in Washington two weeks ago.

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