Petra Kvitova rips US Open crowd after loss to Caroline Wozniacki on Arthur Ashe

Kvitova suffered a straight-set defeat to Wozniacki on Wednesday night.

by Dzevad Mesic
Petra Kvitova rips US Open crowd after loss to Caroline Wozniacki on Arthur Ashe
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Petra Kvitova hit out at the US Open crowd following her loss to Caroline Wozniacki as the Czech wasn't happy that there were applauses and loud cheers after her missed services. On Wednesday night, two-time Grand Slam champion Kvitova took on 2018 Australian Open champion Wozniacki in the night session match at Arthur Ashe Stadium, In a battle between two Slam champions, Wozniacki ended on the winning side after claiming a 7-5 7-6 (6) win. "There was a terrible mess at Arthur Ashe from the beginning, like a wasp's nest.

Then it's hard to concentrate on tennis when you keep hearing voices. I understand that the audience was a little on Caroline's side, but they didn't have to applaud when I missed the first serve. It was simply a strange match," Kvitova told

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Kvitova not happy with the US Open crowd after the Wozniacki loss

Playing a night session match at Arthur Ashe Stadium is considered one of the best moments a tennis player can experience.

But 33-year-old Kvitova didn't appear to be too thrilled about the experience, suggesting that the night session should be starting earlier. Also, Kvitova indicated that she likes to go to bed early so starting a match at 9 pm is not something she really prefers.

"It seems to me that we are starting very late. The night session should start at least at six, not seven. Now I was lucky that Tiafoe played three quick sets before us, but even then it is very difficult to get on the court at nine o'clock.

I'm a person who goes to bed at ten. Sure, playing a night session in New York is beautiful, electrifying and all... But what a strain on the body! And I don't even know if tennis fans enjoy themselves until the night like this. I think they should think about how to proceed," Kvitova said.

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