Coco Gauff celebrates her US Open victory with a special t-shirt!


Coco Gauff celebrates her US Open victory with a special t-shirt!
Coco Gauff celebrates her US Open victory with a special t-shirt! © US Open X account

Coco Gauff wins the first Slam title of her career by beating Aryna Sabalenka in the US Open final with the result of 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, crowning the American Dream and fully taking up the legacy of Serena Williams. The Belarusian almost never finds her forehand, collecting 46 unfree errors, and she is unable to win easy points with her serve.

Gauff struggles at the beginning, but appealing to pride and an athletic condition that allows her to defend herself, she goes up the wall to make her opponent make mistakes. The US Open, therefore, returns to the USA and, after Sloane Stephens' victory in the 2017 derby, there is another American player who will forever write her name in the history book.

The young talent also makes a leap in the ranking: she is the new three in the world, overtaking Elena Rybakina and Jessica Pegula.

The US teenager celebrated her victory together with her team in a very special way, with a celebratory t-shirt that highlighted her success, and which was worn not only by Coco, but also by her family and by her team. It is a white t-shirt, with a simple black writing: "Call me Coco Champion!" Here is the video shared on X by US Open account:

The final match

The match starts with Sabalenka, with a break, playing with an aggressiveness and power that shouldn't allow her opponent that the exchange is not a valid hypothesis.

With a narrow angle backhand, she closes the 40-30 gained in the first game on Gauff's serve. It doesn't take much to put things back on equal footing: two missed forehands and two double faults bring the match back to 2-2.

Sabalenka takes the break again, but to confirm it she needs a super performance. At 3-2, she gains the internal advantage with an unreal exchange, but manifest in this match: the Belarusian attacks, the American defends. That one break isn't enough: the next number one lights up and taking advantage of a few too many errors from her opponent she takes the lead to 5-2.

It is once again a mistake by Gauff that decides the first fates: on the second set point, a forehand to the net by the teenager from Delray gives the winner of the Australian Open the partial. In the second set, something changes.

At 2-1, 30-30 Gauff tries to call Sabalenka to the net, because she knows that her opponent in that area of the court gives in to her insecurities. Prone to making mistakes, the break arrives in favor of the American, a little unexpected given the ending of the previous set.

A single break that was enough to take us to the third and decisive set. Full of confidence, the home player starts strong. This time she wins the break. On the inside lead, the tape should help Sabalenka but she calls Gauff to the net, where she lands a perfect smash and takes the lead.

At 2-0, 30-30, the symptom of a now disunited Sabalenka: after umpteen forehand errors, she gives a break point by missing a backhand. She finds herself down 15-30, but nothing now affects this Coco Gauff who goes up 4-0.

At 4-1, the American reaches 15-40 and gives up a service game, sending the final forehand wide. Everything is in vain in this match, especially in the case of Sabalenka. Gauff regains the double lead by taking advantage of a double fault, but finishing with a forehand to midcourt that displaces Sabalenka. Called to serve, she makes no mistakes and wins her first Slam title.

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