Coach Brad Gilbert reveals what everybody asked him to do with Coco Gauff's game

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Coach Brad Gilbert reveals what everybody asked him to do with Coco Gauff's game
Coach Brad Gilbert reveals what everybody asked him to do with Coco Gauff's game © Getty Images Sport - Clive Brunskill

Coach Brad Gilbert reveals he got bombarded with messages that read "fix her forehand" when he started working with Coco Gauff. At the start of the North American hard court swing in Washington, Gauff was spotted on the practice court with Gilbert, who famously coached Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick in the past.

Gauff adding Gilbert to her team after Wimbledon turned out to be an astonishing move as the 19-year-old American became a Grand Slam champion at the US Open - won three titles - went 18-1 on hard courts during the summer.

Reflecting on how he helped Gauff, coach Gilbert said he mostly influenced the 19-year-old by helping her improve tactical tweaks and scouting reports. “I never got so many texts for so many days, saying `Fix her forehand!’.

Man, you don’t just fix something like that on the fly. I just felt like there were some little small changes that were very workable. Like returning serve from a lot deeper position. Sometimes using a little more shape on shots.

Playing using your legs a little bit more. Footwork. Serve a little bigger at times. Decision-making," Gilbert told the WTA.

Coco Gauff© Getty Images Sport - Clive Brunskill

Gilbert on if Gauff's forehand indeed needs to be fixed

Earlier this year - especially after a Wimbledon first-round loss - Gauff's forehand came under fire as some thought of it as a major weakness in the American's game.

But following Gauff's impressive summer, coach Gilbert doesn't really think there is a need to do anything there. “You can’t just change a grip without changing the arc of the swing, so that’s a big change.

My guess is, from what we’ve seen, we don’t need to. When I started with Andy Murray [in 2006], everybody was telling me, ‘He’s just a pusher.’ And yet he wins. Everybody mentions the forehand criticism about Coco, and yet she wins. I’m certainly not worried about it in any way, shape or form," Gilbert said.

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