Daria Saville predicts Maria Sharapova's come back on the court

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Daria Saville predicts Maria Sharapova's come back on the court
Daria Saville predicts Maria Sharapova's come back on the court © Matthew Stockman / Staff Getty Images Sport

Australian tennis player Daria Saville shared a story on Instagram that surprised all tennis fans, especially those of Maria Sharapova. Saville in fact predicted the comeback of the legendary Russian tennis player, sharing among her stories a photo of a video of Sharapova while she was intent on performing a hard workout.

In her workouts, Maria performed leg exercises, crunches and much more to keep fit.

Saville wrote in her stories about her: "I'm smelling another come back. No one does specific exercises like this just to feel good!"

Maria Sharapova and the incredible earnings with Sugarpova

Maria Sharapova, in addition to being a great tennis player, has for years been considered the face of successful brands such as Nike, Porsche and Tag Heuer.

Maria is also a great entrepreneur, who manages to make a lot of money whatever she touches.

And even in this case it is quite evident. This is the case this time with the confectionery company Sugarpova. As reported by The Sun, Maria has invested around $500 thousand in this company over several years and has significantly increased its value.

Now Sugarpova has acquired a value of $187 million, thus multiplying her initial value incredibly. While some initially smiled at this investment, Maria proved everyone wrong and created a new great empire. Now Sugarpova sells chocolates and other sweets in 22 different countries and earns a steady $20 million a year.

Maria Sharapova has been retired for a few years now and now she dedicates herself to private life.

She is married and has a son Theodore who she cuddles daily. Despite her advancing age, Maria is still splendid and shines on social media with videos of her workouts.

Recently she gave an interview to Self's microphones and revealed some details about her workouts: "Usually my workouts last about 30 minutes, last time I must say that they were less intense but still very funny. I tend to do them especially when little Theodore is sleeping."

Daria Saville Maria Sharapova

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