Iga Swiatek on 'ridiculous' perspective that people have on her 2023 achievements


Iga Swiatek on 'ridiculous' perspective that people have on her 2023 achievements
Iga Swiatek on 'ridiculous' perspective that people have on her 2023 achievements © Getty Images Sport - Sarah Reed

Iga Swiatek thinks her success in 2023 would have been appreciated and respected much more if not for the astonishing season in 2022. Last year, Swiatek won two Grand Slams and set a new record for the most consecutive wins in the 21st century on the WTA Tour with her streak of 37 wins between February and July.

This year, Swiatek won one Grand Slam title - she successfully defended her French Open title. Besides that, Swiatek made the Wimbledon quarterfinal and suffered quarterfinal losses at the Australian Open and Wimbledon. Also, Swiatek won eight titles last year while she has won four so far in 2023.

Also, Swiatek - who reached the world No 1 spot in 2022 April - held that position until the conclusion of the US Open. Personally, Swiatek isn't unhappy with her results in 2023. But the Pole suggests she has noticed that people and fans aren't too impressed with her achievements from this year.

Swiatek on 'ridiculous' expectations placed on her

“Holding the No 1 ranking is a huge challenge… It's stupid to quote Taylor Swift, but she said in one of the interviews that the music industry is entertainment & it should be fun, but everything that’s happening around makes it seem like The Hunger Games.

I feel the same way when I'm on tour. I remember in 2019, when I went on tour, I had a different perspective. I was able to appreciate that I travel to these great places & that I’m at the stage where I can play in WTA tournaments.

The perspective has changed tremendously. Let's imagine if I had a normal season in 2022, winning a Grand Slam during the season would be a success that would practically justify everything I do & my whole year. This season I won a Grand Slam tournament.

I won other tournaments. They are important tournaments to me, & we are talking about failures. For me, this is a paradox of all this & something that’s difficult for me. Because of what I hear around me, I'm starting to think this way, but I have good people around me to explain this perspective to me & that it's not like that at all," Swiatek told Eurosport Polska, via The Tennis Letter.

Iga Swiatek

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