Maria Sharapova makes big pickleball announcement

Russian tennis legend Sharapova set for a pickleball debut.

by Dzevad Mesic
Maria Sharapova makes big pickleball announcement
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Maria Sharapova has announced that she will be making her pickleball debut next year. In 2024 February, Sharapova will team up with John McEnroe to take on Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi. The match will be played on February 4th in Miami.

Sharapova, who retired from pro tennis after the 2020 Australian Open, said she is "slightly nervous and anxious" ahead of her pickleball debut. “I’m playing pickleball. And not just any pickleball, I am playing with John McEnroe against Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi.

February 4, in Miami, at the Hard Rock [Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida], it’s the Pickleball Slam 2. Dare I say I’m getting a little competitive, and slightly nervous and anxious? But don’t mind me, I can’t wait to see you there, tune in, watch us, support us.

Let’s go team… what’s our name?” Sharapova announced. In the video, McEnroe also added: “Team Mac. The Mac Attack is back for Pickleball Slam 2."

Sharapova set to play pickleball

Since retiring from pro tennis in 2020, Sharapova has been mostly family and business-orientated.

At this past US Open, Sharapova made an appearance at Flushing Meadows as a guest. During her visit to New York, Sharapova was asked how it felt to be retired and come to a tennis match as a spectator. "I love it. I love having an outsider's perspective.

I love watching the new generations unfold, and the sport in general. In fact, I think the US Open is the only tennis event that I've been to in person since I retired. It's a really special one, with the energy of the crowds there," Sharapova told People.

In recent times, it has become a trend for players to return after pregnancy. But Sharapova, who is now 36 and hasn't played in nearly four years, hasn't made any indications that she plans to return to tennis.

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