Zheng Qinwen shares details on how coach Wim Fissette ditched her for Naomi Osaka


Zheng Qinwen shares details on how coach Wim Fissette ditched her for Naomi Osaka
Zheng Qinwen shares details on how coach Wim Fissette ditched her for Naomi Osaka © Getty Images Sport - Fred Lee

Zheng Qinwen revealed she learned during the US Open that coach Wim Fissette was in contact with Naomi Osaka. After winning the gold medal at the Asian Games, rising Chinese star Zheng got very annoyed when revealing that she got ditched by coach Fissette. “Because during the US Open I knew he had contact with the team of Osaka.

Right after the match, he said to me that he felt like he had no connection with me. He never said that to me before. Right after I was defeated, he said that to me. I felt very strange. I talked to my manager. I asked my manager whether he will go to Osaka's team.

The manager said, no, he wouldn't be that kind of person. But after resting for a week, he suddenly told me that he was going to work with Osaka. It was quite a big impact to me and my team members and my family. I cried after hearing that.

There were no fights, no arguments in our collaboration. There was nothing new to me in this collaboration, but also he did not do anything wrong. I thought that was an unethical end to that collaboration. I understand that Osaka can provide a better offer to him.

I understand from his perspective this might be a better position. He has a family to support. I understand his decision, but it doesn't mean I will forgive him for making such a decision," Zheng said, via The Tennis Letter.

Zheng started working with Fissette before the grass season

Prior to the start of this year's grass season, Zheng added Fissette to her team.

Before Zheng, Fissette enjoyed great success with Osaka. After adding Fissette to her team before the start of the 2020 season, Osaka won her third and fourth Grand Slam titles at the 2020 US Open and 2021 Australian Open. After 2022 Wimbledon, Fissette and Osaka split. Now, Fissette and Osaka are reunited and Zheng is left without a coach.

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