Lauren Davis makes stunning claim about balls used on WTA Tour


Lauren Davis makes stunning claim about balls used on WTA Tour
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Former world No 26 Lauren Davis is the latest player to criticize the balls used on the WTA Tour as the American claims "these balls tore my damn shoulder." Since the start of the Asian swing, players have been more vocal in publicly speaking out against the constant ball changes in ATP and WTA tournaments.

Players argue that constant ball changes are very detrimental to their bodies and leave them often injured or in pain and discomfort. "I demand @atptour to pay for all the physiotherapy I will need after playing with these balls they are making us play with.

I’ve been on tour for many years and I’ve never seen anything like this. THIS IS INHUMANE!" Gastao Elias wrote on X on Monday. Reacting to Elias' post, Davis wrote: "I agree! I tore my damn shoulder with these balls."

Davis calls out the constant ball changes on the Tour

Several players reacted to Elias' post, including former world No 2 Badosa.

While addressing the issue, Badosa said both ATP and WTA need to make changes. "Agree! The issue is not only ATP unfortunately… With the WTA we are having the same problems for years as well. We need a change from both sides," Badosa said.

Aryna Sabalenka, who is now the top-ranked player in women's tennis, was asked about the ball issue in Beijing. In her answer, Sabalenka seemingly acknowledged that the balls weren't great. But then also, Sabalenka suggested those same balls were working fine for her. "Yeah, that's actually true.

Like after couple of games, I cannot imagine what's happening with the men's game because the rallies are longer and the ball's getting even bigger. Yeah, like today after couple of games, the balls were getting like heavier and bigger.

Because of that, the game was getting slower. It's tough. It's actually tough conditions. I don't know, but it seems to work good for me, so I'm like, It's okay. No, I would prefer actually probably different balls for this surface, yeah," Sabalenka said.

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