Paula Badosa shares encouraging words on her come back

The Spanish tennis player is working hard to get back on the court

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Paula Badosa shares encouraging words on her come back
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Paula Badosa is training hard to return to competing on the WTA Tour, and she has shared encouraging words with her fans. Her 2023 has experienced a double facet, differently evaluating her private life and her performance on the court.

On the court Paula had constant physical problems, she only played 11 tournaments this season and slipped quite a bit behind in the rankings. And to think that we are talking about a tennis player who was close to first place in the world and who she instead is now forced to chase from behind.

However, things are going much better in her private life where her relationship with the Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas is booming. The pair of two European tennis talents is very followed and any news regarding the couple really makes a lot of noise.

Paula has missed three Grand Slam tournaments this season due to physical problems. It all started with an adductor problem at the Australian Open and then there were big problems during this year.

Paula Badosa shares encouraging words on her come back

Paula hasn't played since this year's Wimbledon tournament and her season ended early.

And to think that just a few weeks ago Paula had to say goodbye to her season early and released the following statement: "After struggling for many months to return to competing, I am ending my season here. You all know how much I love to compete, we tried everything together with my team but I am forced to stop due to severe pain."

And only a few weeks ago she specified her situation by revealing: "I hope to be ready for January, I was hit on a sensitive point near the spine and I have to stay still and careful. I hope to be in Australia and play the mixed doubles with Stefanos."

Now, through her social media, Paula has expressed her desire to return to the 2024 Australian Open. Through her social channel Paula Badosa released the following tweet:

Paula Badosa