BREAKING NEWS: the WTA risks bankruptcy!

According the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation Yuri Polsky, the reasons for the possible collapse would be the many financial problems of the institution led by Steve Simon

by Lorenzo Ciotti
BREAKING NEWS: the WTA risks bankruptcy!
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The WTA risks bankruptcy. What is more of an indiscretion was revealed by the vice president of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation, Yuri Polsky, who explained that the WTA risks bankruptcy by 2026. The reasons for the possible collapse would be the many financial problems of the institution led by Steve Simon, in addition to the mismanagement and the absence of the rich Asian tournaments.

This is the news that could upset the entire world of tennis, with a possible remodeling of the top management of this sport. The possibility of saving the world women's tennis organization would come from a commercial and logistical merger with the ATP.
Despite the merger, they would still be two distinct circuits, but there could be more events in which the men's and women's tournaments would be played at the same time.

The increase in WTA 1000 events, prize money and the number of players competing is not enough to stem the economic bleeding. Polsky gave his own interpretation of the situation of the institution.

WTA risks bankruptcy: the words of Yuri Polsky

The vice-president of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation said: "For the WTA it is a question of survival, while for the ATP it is a question of reputation.

The ATP leaders know that the image of tennis would be very bad if the WTA collapsed, while they have done well and have a comfortable financial situation, with financial reserves, pension funds for former players and other advantages.

It remains to be seen under what conditions such a merger could take place and to what extent the ATP is willing to help the WTA. ATP and WTA merger? There is an undeniable reality: men's tennis generates much more media attention and revenue than women's tennis.

The ATP's proposal is to consolidate television rights, for example, to sell them in a single package. In other words, anyone who wants to buy the television rights to broadcast men's tennis will also buy the women's tennis rights.

In my opinion, what we are doing is artificially inflating the impact of women's tennis, as has already been done with prize money, by equalizing it in some tournaments."

Steve Simon