WTA CEO addresses claims that association could bankrupt in next few years


WTA CEO addresses claims that association could bankrupt in next few years
WTA CEO addresses claims that association could bankrupt in next few years © Getty Images Sport - Matthew Stockman

WTA CEO Steve Simon has dismissed Kazakhstan Tennis Federation Vice President Yuri Polsky's claims that the governing of women's tennis is in a bad place financially and risking bankruptcy. Last week, KTF VP Polsky said the WTA "could even go bankrupt in 2026 or 2027" and also claimed that the organization is pushing for a merger with the ATP because that would provide them a financial security blanket.

Addressing those claims, WTA CEO Simon denied pretty much everything that was said by Polsky. “The WTA is in a healthy financial position, a merger with the ATP is not under consideration, and we are excited about our strong future during which we will continue [to] grow and expand women’s tennis.

Earlier this year, the WTA announced an increase of $400 million in compensation to players over the next 10 years maintaining the WTA’s position as the leading women’s sports organization globally," WTA CEO Simon said in a statement.

WTA CEO Simon denies the association could bankrupt in a few years

Just recently, the WTA laid out its plans to grow the game and gradually bridge the gender pay gap in tennis. But then, KTF VP Polsky made stunning claims that the WTA was struggling financially.

"They are in a very bad place and could even go bankrupt in 2026 or 2027 if their financial situation doesn't change. For the WTA it is a matter of survival, for the ATP-a matter of reputation. [ATP leadership] doesn't want them to collapse because the optics would be bad.

The ATP is in good financial shape, the tour has reserves, the players have retirement funds. The ATP is exploring its options, the question is, on what conditions could the merger be achieved? It is unclear what ATP's share [in a merged business] would be and to what extent the ATP is willing to subsidize the WTA," Polsky told Championat.

In recent times, the WTA has highlighted that growing the game and providing better financial conditions to its players is their priority. In the times when many WTA players are pushing for equal pay in tennis, the WTA has promised to do everything it can to make that happen.