Martina Navratilova tells WTA CEO Steve Simon why he should probably resign

Navratilova suggests the WTA needs a new leadership.

by Dzevad Mesic
Martina Navratilova tells WTA CEO Steve Simon why he should probably resign
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Tennis legend Martina Navratilova thinks WTA CEO Steve Simon should resign and suggested that it may be time to have a woman as the leader of the women's tennis association. When the tournament started, pretty much all WTA Finals participants complained that the court conditions in Cancun weren't great and also no one was really happy about the fact that the stadium was finished just a day before the start of the tournament.

Besides poor court conditions, players also complained about tricky and challenging weather conditions in Cancun. “Maybe it’s time for new leadership. But for me personally, this being a woman’s association and being involved for such a long time from the beginning, and we’ve only had three women at the head of it.

I think it’s time. Hopefully, when we get a new leader, it’s a woman. There’s plenty of them that are qualified for the job. It’s gonna be hard for Steve to stay in the job. Everything is pointing the other way," Navratilova said, via The Tennis Letter.

Navratilova thinks it's time for WTA CEO Simon to step down from his role

The location for this year's WTA Finals was unknown until September. When the decision was made, Cancun had to quickly build a temporary stadium. Considering how much players have complained about the conditions in Cancun, it's safe to say that picking Cancun wasn't the best decision the WTA could have made.

“It shouldn’t have come that late in the year, making this decision. There was a sequence of bad decisions. Ultimately, Steve Simon has been the boss for nine years and here we are… to come to Cancun in the rainy season? You cannot be hoping it’s not gonna rain at a premier event for the WTA Tour.

It was just a whole bunch of decisions. You have to own the bad decisions you made and make some choices after that," Navratilova explained.

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