British tennis legend tells Emma Raducanu possible key to fulfilling her potential

Raducanu has been sidelined since May and undergoing three surgeries.

by Dzevad Mesic
British tennis legend tells Emma Raducanu possible key to fulfilling her potential
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Tim Henman advises Emma Raducanu to prioritize building a strong team around her as he believes having a strong base is one of the keys to the Briton making a successful return and fulfilling her talent to the fullest. Raducanu, who is working on returning to tennis in 2024 after undergoing three surgeries in May, has been mostly working out at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton.

Shortly after undergoing surgeries on both wrists and her right ankle, Raducanu moved on from coach Sebastian Sachs - it was her fifth coaching change in the last two years. In Roehampton, Raducanu is being assisted by LTA's general coaching and fitness staff.

Henman's advice to Raducanu

"It is above all about the physical side and building the resilience to stand up to the demands of the tour week in, week out. She has always been different with coaches and some people like to do things differently in an individual sport.

I have absolutely no doubts about her tennis ability, but it’s the physical side and building that base around you. It is the fundamental requirement in the modern game and she needs to be using this time to create that.

Jack Draper has realized the importance of this and you are seeing him reap the benefits. Perhaps she needs to look at what Jack has been doing. Everyone wants her to succeed and you just hope she will make the right choices to achieve what she is capable of.

Emma should take her time," Henman told The Daily Mail. Meanwhile, the report also said that Raducanu suffered a setback in the wrist area about six weeks ago. Due to that, Raducanu is "highly doubtful" to compete at the MGM Macau Tennis Masters.

The Macau Masters is an exhibition event in China, where Raducanu is scheduled to play Belinda Bencic. It remains to be seen if 2021 US Open champion Raducanu will be able to play again in less than three weeks.

Emma Raducanu