Simona Halep has just issued massive update, likely to retire in case this happens

Halep is currently serving a four-year doping ban from tennis.

by Dzevad Mesic
Simona Halep has just issued massive update, likely to retire in case this happens
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Simona Halep has ended her collaboration with coach Patrick Mouratoglou and acknowledged that her career will very likely be over if she doesn't win her doping ban appeal. Halep, 32, was handed a four-year doping ban from tennis due to two separate anti-doping violations.

Halep appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and this week learned that she will be heard between February 07-09. While Halep has maintained her innocence, coach Mouratoglou recently accepted responsibility for giving the Romanian collagen that was contaminated with a banned substance.

In his statement from November, Mouratoglou admitted that he was the one who gave Halep the supplement but claimed that he didn't know that it was contaminated with a banned substance. If Halep doesn't win her appeal, she will be suspended until late 2026.

Halep likely to retire if her suspension is upheld

“More than a year has already passed, and every day I felt it very painfully, full of emotions. It was a shock to me when I received the letter that my urine test, only my urine test, was positive.

I know I haven’t done anything wrong and I know I’m clean. I have always been against doping. Four years is a long time at my age. If it’s four years, I don’t know how I’ll manage. It will probably be the end of my career.

Yes. And for something I didn’t do and isn’t my fault, it’s even more catastrophic. Indeed, it came out publicly (Patrick Mouratoglou's statement on the situation). I wish he had done this a little sooner. It was hard for me, because I always trusted my teams, previous teams and everyone I work with.

I always had confidence, and my confidence is now a little shaken," Halep told Euronews, via The Romania Journal. In February, two-time Grand Slam champion Halep will learn her tennis fate.

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