Iga Swiatek stunningly reveals why she rejected certain sponsorship offers

World No. 1 Swiatek claims she refused to become a global ambassador certain brands.

by Dzevad Mesic
Iga Swiatek stunningly reveals why she rejected certain sponsorship offers
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Iga Swiatek claims she has turned some lucrative sponsorship deals because she felt those companies don't share the same values as her. Swiatek, 22, has established herself as the best player in women's tennis for the past two years and that has helped her land several sponsorship deals.

But according to Swiatek, her sponsorship portfolio could have been even bigger if she accepted all the deals that came her way. "Now I'm a global athlete and foreign companies are also interested in me, so we can, in a sense, make a bit more tactical choices.

See which of these companies would like to support at least the same charities or have the same values. And we make decisions based on this. Besides, I turned down several nice offers precisely because sometimes the values of such a company are not necessarily in line with mine," Swiatek told PZU Grupa.

Swiatek became a Porsche, On ambassador this year

This year, Swiatek was announced as the new global ambassador for German carmaker Porsche. Also this year, Swiatek signed with Swiss clothing brand On, where Roger Federer has been an investor since 2019.

"People often, they don't know that we actually have to work on that as well. I remember, you know, signing my first sponsorship deals in, like, 2019 and 2020 and how much pressure it put on my shoulders. Even people kind of close to me sometimes, my family, they thought that it's going to, I don't know, give me wings and, like, I'm gonna be just proud and play my best game you know.

But sometimes you feel like you need to perform better because they believe in you and you're representing them. So I'm just really happy that I have these companies behind my back and they are believing in me. I would say it doesn't have a bad influence on me.

It did before when I was younger and I just didn't understand a lot of stuff, but I really worked hard to change that and now it's just great," Swiatek said in August.

Iga Swiatek