Paula Badosa shares what she finds 'fascinating' in life ahead of 2024

Badosa seemingly very excited about the 2024 season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Paula Badosa shares what she finds 'fascinating' in life ahead of 2024
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Paula Badosa seems to be very excited about the new season as the Spanish tennis star is "fascinated" by traveling all over the world and meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. 

Badosa, 26, is a veteran on the Tour, having turned pro in 2015. Unfortunately for Badosa, she didn't play that much in 2023 due to injuries. After not playing any tournaments in 2023 after Wimbledon, Badosa is healthy again and ready to start the new season in time.

"Traveling and getting to know new cultures and people fascinates me. You get to know their background, their experiences in life. So many inspiring stories that I learn from. Life is challenging but beautiful, never lose faith. Time flies, 2024 around the corner already," Badosa wrote on X.

Badosa returned to action last week

After not playing any tournaments after Wimbledon due to a back injury, Badosa returned to action at the World Tennis League in Abu Dhabi last week. 

“It’s been tough months for me and after struggling a lot, I am finally I am on court and I can say I’m healthy, I’m feeling good and really looking forward to next year. I’m getting there. I think I’m 80 percent fit but it’s already a big improvement because a month ago I wasn’t able to step on a court. I think I’m getting there," Badosa told Gulf News after making her return to competitive action.

At the World Tennis League, Badosa didn't play in any singles matches. However, the former world No. 2 played in three women's doubles matches and also took part in two mixed doubles matches.

“This tournament has helped me a lot because it’s is the first time I am back on court after many months out. So for me being able to play even if it’s doubles, because I really have to start slowly, to be able to play with the best players in the world, it’s something that it’s very good for me and it’s a big test,” Badosa said.

Paula Badosa