Daniil Medvedev issues interesting perspective on Iga Swiatek RG crowd complaints

Medvedev asked about Swiatek complaining that the French Open crowd was disruptive during her match versus Naomi Osaka.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daniil Medvedev issues interesting perspective on Iga Swiatek RG crowd complaints
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Daniil Medvedev came to Iga Swiatek's defense by pointing out that making noises while a player is about to hit the ball isn't acceptable but also made a very interesting point by explaining that loud crowds would probably be okay if it was something common for tennis. 

Following a dramatic comeback and win over Naomi Osaka 7-6 (1) 1-6 7-5 in the French Open second round, world No. 1 Swiatek criticized the crowd on the court, pretty much telling them they were disrupting her focus throughout the match. Four-time Grand Slam champion Swiatek calling out the French Open crowd drew mixed reactions as some sided with the Pole and declared the crowd's behavior as "unacceptable" while some criticized the current world No. 1, arguing that tennis can't get new fans if spectators can't allow themselves to get a bit too excited during matches.

Iga Swiatek
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When Osaka was asked about Swiatek's complaints, the Japanese four-time Grand Slam champion said she had no issues with the crowd.

Paula Badosa, a former world No. 2, had a stunned reaction when told about Swiatek's comments as the Spanish tennis star also said she had no problems with the crowd. Also, Badosa said Swiatek "cannot complain" about noisy crowds since she is always playing on the main courts and not outside courts. 

Medvedev on Swiatek's complaints about the French Open crowd

When asked to address the Swiatek case, Medvedev said he didn't see the Pole's interview but added that he agreed players should not be disturbed when preparing to hit a shot.

"Yeah, I saw Iga's match. I didn't watch her interview. It was a great match and a great comeback, but I didn't see the interview. I think it's very tough, because there are two ways. So right now, in a way, there is an official rule, don't interrupt players before second serve and when they're ready to serve and during the point," Medvedev said.

"Personally, I like it. Because I think, I don't know if there are other sports than tennis and golf that have it, but because it's so technical and, I would say every millimeter of a movement you change, the ball is going to go different side. So, you know, if someone screams in your ear, your serve, you could double fault. That's as easy as that. That's not good.”

Daniil Medvedev
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Medvedev: Noisy crowds would be okay if...

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about whether tennis should become more to crowds being noisy and loud. While some think tennis should remain the way it is, some argue that tennis can't keep up with other sports if it doesn't become more open.

In Medvedev's mind, noisy crowds would not be a problem if it was a regular occurrence and something that was there for a couple of years at least. In that case, Medvedev thinks everybody would be well-adjusted to those conditions and it would not be a problem.

“At the other side, if there would not be this rule and it would be allowed all the time, I think we would get used to it. Now what happens is that 95% of matches, tournaments, it's quiet. And then when suddenly you come to Roland Garros and it's not, it disturbs you, and it's a Grand Slam so you get more stress and it's not easy. If you ask me, I like it quiet. Again, even when the crowd goes crazy, the other player's ready to serve, quiet and let's serve, let's play," Medvedev explained.

"There is no in between. It either should be quiet or super loud but all the time, and then we would get used to it, I would get used to it also, and we would not actually complain about it. Yeah, for the moment it's quiet.

"But again, when you're already bouncing the ball, you want to get ready for the serve, if it would be 10 years we would be playing loud, we would not care. But for the moment it's not like this so when you get ready for serve, you want to toss the ball, then suddenly ten people continue screaming, the serves are not easy, so for the moment, let's try to be quiet.”

Meanwhile, Medvedev plays against Tomas Machac in the French Open third round. In their first and lone meeting, Medvedev claimed a two-set win over Machac in Indian Wells two years ago.

If 28-year-old Medvedev beats Machac, he will reach the round-of-16 at Roland Garros for just the third time in his career.

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