Nick Kyrgios throws shade at women's tennis

Kyrgios seemingly took a shot at women's tennis when responding to one Aryna Sabalenka Slam stat.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios throws shade at women's tennis
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Nick Kyrgios seemingly took a shot at the depth of women's tennis after seeing a post acknowledging Aryna Sabalenka's impressive Grand Slam results in 2024. 

By ousting Emma Navarro 6-2 6-3 in the French Open round-of-16, Sabalenka earned her 11 consecutive Grand Slam win in 2024. And not only that it was Sabalenka's 11th Slam win in 2024, but also the 11th that came in straight sets.

Since Sabalenka also won her opening 11 Grand Slam matches last year, she became the first player since Serena Williams in 2009 and 2010 to win her opening 11 Slam matches of the season in back-to-back years. 

Aryna Sabalenka
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"Aryna Sabalenka has not lost a single set in Grand Slams this year. 22 consecutive sets won. Scary," The Tennis Letter's X post read.

Reacting to the post, Kyrgios reacted with the word "depth," which was very clearly his way of saying that there wasn't much depth on the WTA Tour. 

Sabalenka lost her first Slam match in 2024 after the Kyrgios shade 

After Kyrgios took a shot at women's tennis, Sabalenka suffered her first Slam defeat of the season after Mirra Andreeva handed her a 6-7 (5) 6-4 6-4 loss in the French Open quarterfinal. 

Meanwhile, Sabalenka made one very interesting observation during this year's French Open. When told that top players generally have a much better relationship nowadays than was the case in the past during the Williams and Maria Sharapova era, Sabalenka acknowledged that it was true. 

"I would say that at the beginning I was so close, and I thought that this is the way everything is. Everyone is just kind of like, off and like you cannot be friends with anybody. But then, with time and experience, you kind of figure out stuff, and you're getting good with each other," Sabalenka said at the French Open. 

"I would say that right now, the top 10 players we're all good with each other, and there are no like these kinds of like big fights in between, I mean outside off the court. Of course, on-court, we're opponents, but of course we can absolutely talk, we can have fun. Not like we're best friends, but it's not like something you know is tough; how to say something crazy like intense."

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