Mirra Andreeva gets candid on being haunted by 'negative thoughts' after every loss

Andreeva opened up following her French Open semifinal loss to Jasmine Paolini.

by Dzevad Mesic
Mirra Andreeva gets candid on being haunted by 'negative thoughts' after every loss
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Mirra Andreeva admitted she was battling "negative thoughts" following her French Open semifinal loss but added that wasn't anything new since that always happens after defeats. 

Andreeva, who celebrated her 17th birthday in late April, made her Grand Slam semifinal debut on Thursday when she took on Jasmine Paolini. Although the general belief was that Andreeva and Paolini had even chances of finishing on the winning side, it ended up being a pretty one-sided battle after the Italian ousted the 17-year-old Russian 6-3 6-1. 

For Andreeva - who upset two-time Grand Slam champion Aryna Sabalenka in the quarterfinal - it was a pretty disappointing way to end her run at Roland Garros. 

Andreeva: Negative thoughts will go away in a couple of days...

"Honestly, I haven't found this thing yet. After the losses it's always tough to start to think positive again. I mean, maybe not for everyone but for me I only have negative thoughts coming first and then if I talk to my team then maybe if few days will go on then maybe after I will have some thoughts that maybe I played good here," Andreeva said.

"Maybe I could have done better here but overall it was a good tournament. So I think for now we'll just need a couple of days to just wait until the negative thoughts will go away and I can clearly see the situation and then to make some conclusions out of this trip. And that's it."

Mirra Andreeva
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In her post-match press conference, Andreeva also shared that she usually deals with disappointment by sleeping for 12 hours and not leaving her bed.

"I would say that I stay in my bed. I sleep for 12 hours. I do nothing," Andreeva revealed.

Meanwhile, Andreeva - who entered the French Open ranked at No. 38 in the world - is set to enter the top-30 for the first time in her career and achieve a new career-high ranking of No. 23 on Monday.

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