WTA Istanbul - Azarenka slammed for lack of effort against Bartoli

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WTA Istanbul - Azarenka slammed for lack of effort against Bartoli

The final round robin match between Victoria Azarenka and Marion Bartoli on Friday at the WTA Tour Championships was inconsequential. Azarenka had already booked a semi-final spot and Bartoli, coming in as a reserve for Maria Sharapova, had no chance of making the semis.

Bartoli won 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 and Azarenka has been slammed for her lack of effort especially in the third set. Here are some of the comments from Twitterverse. Stephanie Myles
Azarenka's "performance" today was not only unprofessional, it was disrespectful to both her opponent and the huge crowd in attendance.

After going on all week about how great crowd was, she gave them that. And if she was trying to "save energy" and "practice", failed there 2

Guy McCrea
Ditch this RR nonsense & return to Top 16 knockout as WTA used to do.

Istanbul has staged top event, didn't deserve that. #wtachamps #tennis
I have no problem with Vika's honesty in presser. Meaningless match, doesn't want to get injured. The problem is with RR. FortyDeuceTwits - Vika's gone a long way in rehabilitating her image in press conferences.

Let's just say this was not her best performance. Prickly. SI_BTBaseline Beyond The Baseline
Azarenka says she wasn't suffering from low energy. Said she wanted to get off the court as quick as possible to prepare for tomorrow.

FootFault_ Foot Fault
She didn't even try and bullshit through the presser. She just said she was trying to finish the match as quickly as possible. Guy McCrea
If any of u out there still actually think round robin is a good thing, I hoped u watched that Azarenka v Bartoli farce.

#wtachamps #tennis
Ravi Ubha
Did the whistles exceed the cheers when Azarenka left the court? Think so.
Brad Brezinski
@r_ubha Honestly I think Azarenka might have won this set with less effort than its taking her to lose it.

Holding at love with no effort...
@r_ubha Bartoli's practice shots between points seem hilarious with the current effort level coming from Azarenka Ravi Ubha
Is this what you'd call tolerable tanking from Azarenka?