Flavia Pennetta Wants to Become a Mother!

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Flavia Pennetta Wants to Become a Mother!

Flavia Pennetta and Fabio Fognini complete together the most Italian-looking tennis couple ever. That's right, they are both Italian. But they are not just from Italy, Flavia and Fabio really look like typical Italian people.

Dark hair, a tanned skin, brown eyes, they are blatantly Mediterranean and beautiful. Officially together since this spring, Pennetta and Fognini form a stable couple, but the Indian Wells champion could be wanting more soon.

Hosted on an Italian TV Show, "la vita in diretta" Flavia speaked about her Fabio, someone who doesn't act the crazy way he normally does on court. "Fabio is very impulsive and nervous on court, but outside the court he is a very calm, friendly.

He could seem like a bully, but he really is not. He tends to keep the distance with people he doesn't know very well" said Flavia in television, surprisingly wearing glasses, a sign that the time is passing. Age brought maturity to the Italian's game, the first ever to break into the top 10 for her country.

Age also brought new needs, and Flavia isn't afraid to admit it. "A wedding? I haven't received any proposition yet. For now we are living the relationship very serenely, as it happens. We are happy. My dream however, is to become a mother.

I would like to have a family like the one I was born and raised in. My parents have been together for nearly 30 years now" confessed Flavia. Will Fabio be ready for it? ALSO READ Roger Federer in Dubai to start his preparation Serena Williams wants her 19th Slam in 2015