Garbine Muguruza: ´My Life Has Not Changed, I Hope for a Repeat at US Open!

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Garbine Muguruza: ´My Life Has Not Changed, I Hope for a Repeat at US Open!

Garbiñe muguruza is ready for the last part of the season. After playing her first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon losing to Serena Williams, the Spanish tennis player granted to herself a bit of relax before resuming to training.

"My life is not changed in anything." said Garbine, who confessed how she is doing exactly the same things after the Wimbledon final. "I train in the same way, my goals aren't changed. You have to keep in the same way in order to make sure that things go in the right way" she said.

Muguruza believes that the success she has is also due to her love for tennis. "It's the thing that I enjoy to do. I enjoy every time I practice, every time I play a tournament. It's enthusiasm, desire and hunger to continue to improve and scale." The next main goal for Muguruza is the US Open.

"To be more motivated as I'm now is impossible. I am ready to win and to be tough mentally to get the same result ( of Wimbledon) at the US Open." The Spaniard analyzed her improvements in recent times: "I improved a lot.

Now I'm more positive and focused in harder matches, or in rounds where there is much nervousness and tension. We must overcome those moments in the best possible manner, in order for you to overcome them, and not your opponent." The number 9 in the world confirms that the relationship between her and Serena is great.

"We respect each other a lot. For me she is a reference point, as a child I always looked up to her to play." She talked about what Serena told her after the Wimbledon final: "She told me that one day I will lift this trophy.

She thinks I have the ability to do it, and also she told me that I played a great tournament and I would soon added the trophy to my records that she had in her hands " ALSO READ Rafael Nadal Could Soon Beat A Record of Roger Federer...