Flavia Pennetta: ´Two Years Ago I Was Very Close to Retire´

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Flavia Pennetta: ´Two Years Ago I Was Very Close to Retire´

Flavia Pennetta met with the media after becoming the first ever Italian to reach the US Open final in the open era. Flavia beat Simona Halep in straight sets playing flawless tennis. Here is what the Italian told the media on Friday, in Interview Room one.

F. PENNETTA/S. Halep 6-1, 6-3 THE MODERATOR: Questions, please. Q. That was a spectacular match.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Thanks. Thank you. Q. Talk about how happy you are with how well you played today and what that win means?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I mean, of course I'm really happy.

I think I play really well from the beginning. In the second set, I just wait a little bit too much in the beginning of the second set waiting for her mistake and I didn't push a lot like before. But really happy, because I was 3-1 down and I just starting again with what I had to do.

Everything was working amazing today, so really pleased. Q. You said the other day after your last match that you just are surprised because you just didn't expect to do so well. What's come together for you in these two weeks that's enabled you to get to a Grand Slam final, your first?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I mean, it's amazing, because also 20 days ago my physio asked me if I was if I never think that I can win a Grand Slam or be in final of Grand Slam, and I say no.

(Smiling.) I mean, for a lot of reason I think my answer was no, but like always say you never know. I mean, you just have to play and try your best, and the good things coming when you never expect most of the time. When you want too much something and you really like say this is the moment I have to do this and that, always it's gonna be a big mess.

Q. In what ways are you different during this tournament than in other majors that you have competed in?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I mean, I really like this tournament like always. It's one of my best tournament. Always have a good feeling here when I play.

The central court, it's amazing. The atmosphere here is something I really like. I mean, also in the other tournament there are a good atmosphere, but here, I don't know why I always play pretty good. Q. So why do you think it is that here you are in the final for the first time in a major?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Why? I don't know.

(Laughter.) I mean, there is no reason. The only reason, it's because I am try to play all the time, try to give everything on court, and this was a good week for me. I mean, it's really amazing the way I starting to play in the last three matches.

Today was amazing, because the first match was not that good for me. I didn't have this good feeling in court. I was fighting and try to get through the first round, but with not a good sensation, you know. But today I play really well.

I mean, I didn't make mistakes. I was focused. I was aggressive. The mistake I made was because I was trying something, I mean, not because I was scary. I just had two games where I was a little bit, Okay, thinking too much.

But then I just try to don't think, just play, and we will see what happen. Q. When you go to bed tonight, before you fall asleep and close your eyes, what do you think you're going to see?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Hmmm. I don't know.

I can tell you how was this this night, I mean, how I sleep yesterday. I didn't sleep really well. I was a little bit like changing the positions so many times. Try to, okay, relax, breathe. Because sometimes I was already awake all the time.

You know, I was ready also at 3:00 in the morning. So just to say, Okay, it's early. Just try to sleep a little bit more and just take the right position and sleep again. I mean, I was not in the nice sleep at all. But it's okay.

I mean, if this is the result, it's perfect. (Laughter.) I hope to have the same every night. Q. I hope you get some sleep tonight.